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 Official Rules


  1. A match is 5 minutes running time
  2. An audio CD timer may be used for all matches.
  3. A hand held timer may be used for any make-up time.



  1. All matches begin with the puck placed at center ice.
  2. Centers begin on their own side of the center ice red line.
  3. All other face-offs are made by dropping the puck on the center ice circle with the centers being in the position mentioned above.
  4. Before dropping the puck, be sure opponent is ready.
  5. Players must drop the puck on the center ice circle and not throw or lob it.
  6. The player not dropping the puck may call for a re-drop if he/she feels the puck was dropped unfairly.
  7. Three seconds must elapse after each face off before a goal can be scored.
  8. If a goal is scored within the three seconds, it does not count and a new face-off must be made. This rule is effective even if a referee is making the face-off.
  9. The center is not allowed to score directly off a face-off. The puck has to go out of reach of the center before it is possible to score.


Possession Rule

It is forbidden to retain the puck for more than 5 seconds without passing or shooting.


  1. The puck must stay in the goal for it to count . In and outs do not count.
  2. A goal that goes directly* into the opposing net by pressing a motionless puck against the goal cage with either the right or left defenseman or goaler OR by pressing the puck against the goaler with either defenseman does not count(*If the puck goes in off the rink wall first, it's not "directly", or if the shot is deflected by a visible touch from another player of the same team, the goal counts).
  3. A goal that goes directly in the net by a shot with the body of a player (not the stick) after having stopped the puck does not count.  However, if the puck came to a still position without being stopped by the player, then the player is allowed to shoot.  It is also allowed if the shot is deflected by a visible touch from another player of the same team.
  4. It is allowed to score a goal with a player's right foot, if using it as a stick.
  5. When a goal is scored as the final buzzer is sounding, it will not be awarded.
  6. If a competitor is not in front of the board and ready to play by 30 seconds after the beginning of the match, he automatically loses this match by 10-0.


Freeze Rule

When the puck is stopped between your goal keeper and the goal line you can ask for "freeze", take the puck and make a new face off.

Game Interruptions

When the game is unduly interrupted (i.e.: a torn off goal, broken player or tip, removed player...), the lost time is added to the 5 minutes. And, if any player had the puck under control before the interruption, the game continues from the place where it stopped, otherwise a new face off must be made.


In the event of a draw at the end of the 5 minutes, the winner is the one who scores the first goal (sudden death), following a face-off made by a referee


Any participant to an official competition agrees with all and every of the present rules.

The referees and tournament organizers have to ensure that these rules are all enforced and respected.