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 North American Stiga Tour Ranking

The ranking is based on a 24-month rolling point system for sanctioned events.

Effective July 1, 2009, tournaments are rated on a bonus system. Each tournament that has a minimum of 16 players and 50 Strength of Field points will be worth 20 ranking points to the winner. Tournament organizers also can qualify for bonuses based on the number of players attending and the strength of field. For every 4 players attending over the 16-player minimum, a tournament increases in value by 5 points. And for every 50 strength of field points over the 50-point minimum, a tournament's value increases in value by five points. An example:

Tournament A draws 33 players with 230 strength of field points.

*The tournament starts out worth 20 points.

*The tournament gets 20 bonus points for the number of players (17 players over the minimum/4 players per bonus=4 bonuses achieved).

*The tournament gets 15 bonus points for strength of field (180 strength of field points over the minimum/50 points per bonus=3 bonuses achieved).

*Add it up: 20+20+15=55 points to the winner.


Other notes: Tournament values may rise relative to where they have been over the years. But they likely will be all rising together, so the gain in tournament value is relative. Tournaments that fall below the minimum of 16 players/50 SOF points will be worth 10 points, as they were before.

The point distribution for the players in a tournament will continue to follow the same proportion as always: Ranking Points

To read about how the Strength of Field is determined, you can click here: Strength of Field Points (SP)

*Players will continue to use their best three results over two years towards their  Ranking Point Total (RPT). (Last updated 7-9-2018)


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